I designed the cover of this brochure based on a concept of a conversation between arts and dialogues, speaking in different languages. The treble, reflecting arts speaks in music notes, and the paragraph symbol, representing dialogues speaks in English, Russian and Hebrew letters, reflecting the ethnically diverse arts patrons. The style is inspired by New Yorker Covers and reflects sophisticated, yet whimsical programs.


Magazine style brochure for sports, fitness and wellness programs at the Oshman Family JCC.

J-CAMP 2010

2010 edition of the J-Camp catalog. Featuring expanded camp programs, now on the new campus.

J-CAMP 2009

Twenty-page booklet features the schedule and description of Summer camps at the Oshman Family JCC. J-Camp has been going strong for 26 years and this year, it received a new logo to match the new logo for the renamed JCC. With more camps, and new direction, Summer 2009 is sure to be a blast! This catalog was designed to appeal to kids. With eye-catching graphics and photos of the awesome activities that campers participate in (horse riding, swimming, Harry Potter skits, trips to Great America...) I wish I were ten again, so I could join J-Camp!


Brocure built around the concept of growth. The line "Where Children and Families Grow" used in this brochure was later used in various other publications and became the tagline for the preschool. This brochure outlined the programs available at the preschool, and included pictures of T'enna students as flowers growing in the T'enna Garden.