What is that weird mark beside the text? Some say it's the "OJ" of the Oshman Family JCC. Others see a "J" where the dot fell off and slid down the side. To the creative it's a shofar or a man diving. This logo was designed for the Oshman Family JCC, formerly known as the Albert L. Schltz JCC. The name change presaged a physical move from the JCC's Middlefield Road location to the sprawling Taube Koret Campus for Jewish Life. (The Schultz family voluntarily relinquished the naming rights to the JCC, to allow a generous donor to come in and bring the dream of a Jewish Campus to life). The most challenging part of the name change was designing a logo that incorporated the family name, the JCC and the campus! Such is the case with a non-profit that exists largely on the generosity of its donors. In the final logo the elements come together like the parties that worked to make the dream a reality.


The Oshman Family JCC in parnership with AMERICAN ASSOCIATES Ben-Gurion University of the Negev created the BREATHE symposium, focused on women's health and wellness. The concept behind the logo (and name) is that health (whether physical, emotional or financial) begins by taking a single breath. The wavy lines, airey typography and sky blue color scheme help create the feeling of breath and air.


Logo designed for the arts programs at the Oshman Family JCC. The two fonts reflect the beautiful and flowing side of arts programs, such as dance and music and the serious and thought-provoking programs like author interviews, lectures and classes. .


Mitzvah Day was founded in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King Junior's legacy of tolerance, peace and equaltiy. Mitzvah Day takes place on Martin Luther King Day, and encourages the community to make this day "A day on, rather than a day off". Participants renew their commitment to service and justice by taking part in community service projects that tackle poverty, hunger, sub-standard housing, homelessness, aging and environmental issues. The logo reflects Dr. King's legacy as it intersects with the Jewish principle of "tikkun olam" (heal the world). In the logo the "i" in Mitzvah, represents the individual who stands up and supports the world. The logo represents the event's overall goal to make the world a better place. It reminds us as individuals that we must take action and be the change we want to see in the world.


Beauty Mirror is the only existing iphone app that targets tween girls and helps them define beauty and build self-esteem. By using this app, girls can create a customized slideshow of the things that make them beautiful, proud, funny, etc. Working with two other powerful women to develop this app, I provided the third leg of this woman powered team and developed the app icon, identity, background fairy-tale frame and buttons. I also designed a corresponding tshirt and postcard.


Logo for a web 2.0 startup company matching users with similar interests via chat.


iDogbook is an application for the iPhone that lets you select your favorite breed and stream flickr photos of that breed to your phone. You can also learn more about your favorite breed with an easy link to wikipedia articles.